The festival’s specificity since the beginning is that it doesn’t award films hierarchically – instead, the jury selects works for the List of the Significant Achievements of the festival.

Unsound by Vivien Ostrovsky

An essay about time and sound as represented by silence. Very playful, conceptual-found footage collage film which tries to evoke the inner sound in the viewer’s mind through image presentation.

The film makes clear how our personal audio-visual experience and the history of cinema which formed it is deeply embedded in our perception.

The First Few Moments of the First of January by Eneos Çarka

Inspiring the viewer to leap over the border between conscious and the unconscious, mind and the projected image, real and the unreal, future/present/past through mysterious imagery.

Consistent sound of the footstep and the ringing of the bell, the slow camera movement and the philosophical dialogue in the film resonates to create a narrative in a certain “moment” in daily, but otherworldly life.

DNA by Niko Novak & Matevž Jerman   

A love story made up of music, lyrics and a scene. Although the visual and sound image at first suggest a disturbing relation, they are in the end in constant narrative harmony. The meeting of two animals, the cat and the snake, seems full of amazement and shows more playfulness than expected. Yet, the scene is imbued with a sparkle and curiosity that holds our attention. One composition and one scene leave traces complemented by the lyrics of the song. In a slow rhythm, the intertwining of all three poetics represents the fragility and transience that permeate the experience of a moment.

A Very Long Exposure Time by Chloé Galibert Laîné

A poetic reflection on the history and meaning of photographic recording of urban life and natural lakes throughout a century. Intimate thoughts of life, death, ecology and memory are a voice-over a static minimalist landscape of stripes of photo & video recordings, covered with water droplets.

Andrei by Natasha Cantwell

A short experimental which includes a symbolic live-action performance of an actor, decorating the trees with basic food in shapes of squares and balls. Succinct direction and retro-chic visuality of Andrei create a modern existentialist fable.

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Alternative Film/Video festival 2020.

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